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Selfstorage in Klagenfurt offers attractive storage rooms for rent thanks to our proven self-storage concept for more storage space

Who doesn't know this: Household items and odds and ends take up space, while furniture and objects further reduce the valuable storage space. Because whether in companies or at home with private individuals, over time all kinds of objects accumulate that need to be safely stowed away. Unfortunately, there is often a lack of suitable storage options to appropriately outsource one's belongings. The decisive questions quickly arise: How am I supposed to accommodate all this? Where can I find a suitable storage option for more space? The self-storage concept is an excellent opportunity, especially when there is an acute lack of space, to easily create more storage space and bring more order and quality of life back into your own life. Items can be stored quickly and easily for a certain period. Even if you move at short notice, self-storage systems help to create space at short notice and store important items.

The basic idea of ​​"self-storage" comes from the USA and literally means "self-storage". Since the population on our planet is growing rapidly and our living environment is becoming increasingly urban, living space worldwide is also becoming increasingly scarce. At the same time, the demand for better infrastructure and secure storage options for personal belongings is increasing. While in many European countries every citizen has a relatively large amount of rental space at their disposal, Austria is only in the middle when it comes to space. With around 0.01 square meters of rental space per inhabitant, individual space is comparatively limited. The flexible storage of company and private property is therefore becoming increasingly important for today's modern society. Self-storage systems like our storage box in Klagenfurt help companies and private individuals to have more space in just a few square meters. Convince yourself of the Klagenfurt storage box and store your valuables and objects safely and easily - even with a best price guarantee!

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  • Flexible storage with best price guarantee
  • High rooms of at least 2.30 m
  • Central Location near Downtown
  • Storage space from €50 per month with a fair notice period/li>
  • Suitable for companies and private households
  • Rent storage space quickly and easily
  • Safely stowed in the basement of a multi-party complex
  • Spacious basement compartments
  • Create more space quickly with the Klagenfurt storage box

Selfstorage in Klagenfurt offers companies and private individuals’ access to flexible storage options in the best location with best price guarantee. The advantages of a rental warehouse are obvious: If there is not enough space to store important utensils, a rented basement compartment quickly brings order to the chaos. Selfstorage in Klagenfurt is your reliable partner for more storage space for rent and offers high-quality storage rooms in a multi-party facility. Depending on your space requirements and required square meters, Selfstorage in Klagenfurt will help you to find a suitable storage room between 4 and 8m². Thanks to our proven self-storage concept, stressful moves and household liquidations are a thing of the past. Our flexible storage also makes it easier to organize and tidy up equipment, files, building materials or furniture in everyday business. Declare war on chaos and rent a comfortable self-storage facility today to safely stow away your belongings!

Your storage boxes in Klagenfurt offer you

Best Price Guarantee

Storage space must be cheap! Rent your individual storage space from as little as 50 euros per month. Our best price guarantee always ensures fair price conditions: This means that even companies and private individuals with a small budget can store valuables and objects safely.

Perfect infrastructure

All roads lead to Selfstorage in Klagenfurt! Because our self-storage location impresses with its central location and uncomplicated storage options for private individuals and companies. Thanks to the well-developed infrastructure, you can easily reach your storage room with your own car or public transport such as bus or train.

High rooms

Compact storage rooms, big effect! To be able to use the space effectively, our self-storage facility has particularly high ceilings. Thanks to a height of at least 2.30 m, you can store extra-long objects such as wooden slats or skis without hesitation. When it comes to storage, it's not just the width that counts, but also the height!


Do you urgently need more storage space? Selfstorage in Klagenfurt offers you comfortable solutions for self-storage in different sizes for more space. Thanks to our storage rooms of 4 to 8m², you can conveniently store your items with us. Choose your personal self-storage room according to your preferences!

FAQ: Your questions - our answers
about storage boxes in Klagenfurt

We are always careful to store your business and private items in our self-storage facilities at fair conditions. The minimum rental period at Selfstorage in Klagenfurt is 3 months with a fair notice period. Your rental price is based on the size of the rented storage space. You can convince yourself of the available storage space by arranging a non-binding inspection appointment with us. We would be happy to advise you on all questions about your storage space for rent, from rental costs to our terms and conditions.

You have the option to cancel your storage space at the end of each month. The general notice period is 14 days. Please note that your right to termination only becomes active after the minimum rental period of 3 months has expired.

Selfstorage in Klagenfurt not only offers you flexible storage space based on our proven self-storage concept, but also flexible payment methods. Either pay in cash on site, or conveniently pay for your personal storage space in Klagenfurt for rent by bank transfer.

The big advantage of the Klagenfurt storage box is that you can decide for yourself how much space you need for your personal storage facility. Rent the room with the corresponding number of square meters that suits you: Our self-storage concept offers you various storage rooms in selectable sizes. Depending on the storage space and area for interim storage, you can choose an attractive rental warehouse of 4 to 8m².

If you wish, you can secure your stored items at any time with additional insurance. Our self-storage facility from Selfstorage in Klagenfurt can be found in the basement of a multi-party facility. To protect the storage rooms from unauthorized access, the multi-party facility cannot be entered without a key.

If you would like access to your storage room outside of our regular business hours, please contact us and we will take care of your preferred date of storage immediately. Incidentally, the regular opening hours of Selfstorage in Klagenfurt are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

You do not have to take out insurance in the Klagenfurt storage box. As a tenant, however, you can optionally take out insurance for your storage space in Klagenfurt.

Your rent is based on the size of our storage rooms and offers a fair notice period. Depending on the type and size of the area that you plan for your self-storage room at Selfstorage in Klagenfurt, the rental prices start at 50 euros per month.

Selfstorage in Klagenfurt offers you a comfortable storage space at a fair price-performance ratio. In addition to the rental costs, there is only a one-off processing fee of 77 euros for your personal self-storage room in the apartment building.

An inspection before storage is of course possible at any time. To get a first impression of our premises, we will answer all questions about our self-storage facility in Klagenfurt during your detailed tour. Get to know the location of Selfstorage in Klagenfurt, clarify the exact square meters for your individual storage and discuss with us the most important information about the rental period, access, and costs for your storage space in Klagenfurt. Simply contact us by telephone or send us an e-mail to arrange your personal viewing appointment today.

You open your storage room in Klagenfurt with your personal key, which you will receive from us after signing the contract. As a result, your property is not only securely protected, but also stored permanently or temporarily at the storage location in our self-storage room.

Depending on the season, the temperature in our storage rooms in Klagenfurt is around 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. The basement compartments impress with a particularly low humidity since our self-storage system is an apartment building. Thus, your objects and valuables are always protected from moisture and weather.

Our storage facilities in Klagenfurt are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you would like to use our self-storage facility outside of opening hours, simply use your personal key. This allows you to plan the time of your storage flexibly and individually.

It is currently not necessary to pay a deposit for your storage space in Klagenfurt. Whether household effects, business inventory, furniture, or valuables: Selfstorage in Klagenfurt also means being able to temporarily store objects in a storage room without any problems. That is why it is particularly important to us to offer both companies and private individuals with a low budget a safe but inexpensive storage option in our high-quality self-storage facilities.

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In our modern society, living space is becoming increasingly scarce. At the same time, the need for safe storage options is increasing. We would be happy to advise you on all the options for bringing more order and quality of life back into your own four walls! Both private individuals and companies can quickly and easily store items with us for which there is simply not enough space. With our storage box concept, we offer you an uncomplicated alternative to safely and conveniently store your household items, valuables, odds and ends, furniture, and other items. Take advantage of our wide range: store certain items in our storage box in Klagenfurt for a certain period and benefit from our self-storage concept. Because when there is an acute lack of space, the Klagenfurt storage box is the ideal solution for more storage space at an unbeatable price. Contact us today: We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have conveniently by phone or directly by email!

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